Hannah fuses a jazzy vibe with a gentle indie/folk sensibility to deliver deeply evocative stories with technically adept and emotionally rich vocal and instrumental poise.”

— Mark Nichol, host of Rock of Ages on KWMR, West Marin Community Radio

Hannah Cooper is a high-wire artist working without a net... far beyond the boundaries of singer/songwriter music. It is a pleasure to hear her.”

— Cosy Sheridan (Singer/Songwriter, Moab Folk Camp Founder)

Hannah's blend of warm, stylishly crafted lyrics layered upon playfully complex guitar work are an intoxicating delight!”

— Laurell Reynolds (Host of the Folk Show on Jefferson Public Radio)

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The Britt and Arts Festival- Jacksonville, OR

The Britt and Arts Festival- Jacksonville, OR

Moab live


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Hannah often hears that her music is "different."  KPIG Radio's "Please Stand By" host Sleepy John teased Hannah in an on air interview, "Do you know who you remind me of? ...nobody. Not anybody. I've never heard anybody do what you do.  And that's good!"  Indeed, few modern musicians are the granddaughter of a showboat operator. Hannah's father continued in the family tradition as a professional actor in musical theater. So, Hannah was raised in the town of Brainerd, MN, in a blizzard of show tunes and film scores. Delightfully free spirited themselves, Hannah's parents could be described as "the most supportive parents ever" for her unique talents.  Like so many of us who can recognize a lost cause and never tried to "fit in," Hannah has been guided by honesty and authenticity in all facets of her life. 

Introspection of the honest kernel of ourselves is a challenge in a world of expectations amplified by social media. Hannah is by nature profoundly introspective -- an introvert constantly drawn to the question of what it means to be a good human. From a young age, she has been rooted in acting with love, honesty, and respect, and those words are tattooed on her shoulder. Clearly a theme in The Generation Song, Hannah is deeply disturbed by materialism. In high school, she cleared out her room, trading out her bed for a cot, recalling that she "loved it! It was so simple!"  Her first love astutely introduced her to Thoreau's Walden.  The concept to "simplify, simplify" resonated with her and her instinct to never take more than is needed. She went on to give away most of her belongings before moving to the Oregon coast. There, she found herself working on a crab boat where she met her next great love. Together, they eventually bicycled across the country to Walden Pond to raise awareness for local farms and the simple beauty of human-powered transportation.  She returned to Oregon to work on a farm and later build a tiny house as she downsized her life to focus on her music. 

Love has propelled Hannah through life. Hannah's deepest and most meaningful relationships have brought her strength, inspiration, and perspective. Finding it irrational to limit these gifts in her life, Hannah embraces open and radically honest relationships.  She has found fulfillment and personal growth from her connections to multiple partners, along with abundant lessons about love, heartbreak, and humanity. These stories, of course, play out in some of her best songs.

 At this stage, she is still profoundly introspective and now constantly drawn to the question of what it means to write a great song.  Her vision for great music is not bounded by traditional song structures, chords, or genres. As one new fan commented, "Hannah's songs are great in a way that I never knew songs could be great!" She is delighted to create beautiful songs that anyone can appreciate, but she challenges herself to write songs that even highly trained musicians will find engaging. Indeed, some of her highest praise comes from other skilled musicians.  Still, her highest aim is to connect with her audience, bring beauty into their world with her talents, and encourage them to embrace all that makes them beautifully unique.

She is currently performing in California, Oregon and beyond with a growing list of tour dates for this winter.

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Winner of Best Song, "A Time For truth" at the WCS Palo Alto Chapter in May 2018