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She sings as if she’s charting a gentle and righteous path to the truth.”

— Jim Chapdelaine (13-Time Emmy Winner)

An intoxicating delight!”

— Laurell Reynolds (Host of the Folk Show on Jefferson Public Radio)

Her debut album, "I'm Right Here" has warmth with songs that sound seasoned and mature for a rookie release.”

Monterey County Weekly

If the sun had a soundtrack, Hannah would be in high rotation!”

— Sandy Shore (

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About the album...

I’ve realized that there is no better way to grow except through some sort of messy struggle. Coming out the other side of each experience, I gathered a better sense of why people need each other in this world. I’ve managed to get to where I am in life thanks to folks I’ve met and the people I’ve loved along the way. I adore the exploration of love, but love and relationships undoubtably present their own challenges. Every song on this album honors these challenges.

My hope is that “I’m Right Here” will take the listener on a somewhat comical, a little provocative, and mostly spiritual adventure through its songs. The album is designed to be listened to in sequential order with each song carefully crafted, note by note, in hopes of capturing the stories and emotions that inspired them. I did not force the album to fit in a specific genre, but rather let it express an authentic score.  This authenticity is represented in the album’s cover art (made by yours truly):  a North-eastern Scarlet Tanager perched on a West Coast Cypress — a bird beyond its territory, far from home, out of place, enjoying fresh perspective on life.